2013, Alda

The film portrays the evolution of a rural area, and the consequences brought in the life of someone who has always lived there.

Alda is an elderly and solitary woman, who had a complicated life story. Given this change, imposed on her, with no possible escape, she sees herself and the world she knows shattered, having no other option but to return to the place she always knew, her home.

Monstra 14 best portuguese short | CARL ZEISS VISION, best animation short MIFEC 14, honorable mention FIKE 2015.
New York Portuguese Short Film Festival 14, MIFEC 14, Curtas e Vinho Verde 14, Indie Lisboa 14, Stuggart Festival of Animated Film (ITFS), Take One - 22.º Curtas Vila do Conde - Festival Internacional de Cinema, Fike 2015, Cortex 2015, XV Festival de Cine de Pamplona-Iruñeko. .
Directed by:
Filipe Fonseca, Ana Cardoso, Liliana Sobreiro e Luis Catalo.