2015, Looking China


Lusófona University was invited to send 10 students to China to make 10 films in 10 days.  

Under the guidance of ​our teacher Gonçalo Galvão Teles, ten students​ from our Film bachelor and master degree and also participants on our ​ Essemble ​project , went to Qingdao with the purpose of discovering the Chinese culture and put it in a 10 minute documentary.

With the theme “Individual, Family, Nation” as a starting point, our students were challenged to shoot in 5 days and then had 5 more days to edit the ten documentaries.  On the closing ceremony, ​at Qingdao University, our students presented their films to an excited audience that was thrilled with the result of our student’s effort. 

​After a long travel back home and with wonderful memories for life, we ​showed the films to our students, teachers, friends, family members and we couldn’t be prouder of them. 

The result of this experience was an invitation to the 2016 edition, 10 amazing films and a life changing experience for everyone involved. This proves that our students are able to adapt to any situation, environment and make good films as a result.

2014, What remains

OqueResta Poster400

What happens to the memories, the experiences of a family when the house they lived in is emptied and sold? From the papers of a symbolic Portuguese nuclear family there emerges a history of the past century of a country rich in culture, contradictions and drama, all of which is dispersed one piece of furniture at a time.   

Locarno Film Festival 2015, DocLisboa 2015.
Directed by:
Jola Wieczorek.


2014, Super 98

Gergely lives in a simple apartment in the outskirts of Budapest. He has his hobbies, a steady relationship with his girlfriend and a common job at a petrol station. It all seems to be an anonymous man living his standard life in the capital of Hungary. But is he really that ordinary?

Directed by:
Rommert Schrijver. 

Rommert Schrijver was born on June 5, 1986 in Schiedam, Zuid-Holland, the Netherlands. At his 18th he travelled for a year, looking for an inner motivation that would help him choose a study. Inspired by the many stories of the diverse people that crossed his path, he knew that he wanted to spread these and get a better grip of his digital camera that already grabbed his fascination.

He studied TV-Journalism in Utrecht and graduated with his film ’Een Vak Apart’ , that won the price for ‘Best Journalist Production 2011’ at the School of Journalism. Driven by this, he continued working on commissioned films and journalistic reportages.

Motivated to work more on author-driven projects, he applied in 2013 for the joint Masters DocNomads. He got selected and is now halfway in his masters making films in Lisbon, Budapest and Brussels. For the last film ’Super 98’ he got awarded being a label film of the course and will he be representing his film at multiple festivals.

2014, Poetry Happened

“Poetry Happened” is a portrait of a couple, both artists, with philosophies and tastes that do not always collide. Behind closed wals, the couple come closer with the end of their lives, where the fixation with the past becomes more intense.  

Sophia 2015, 21.ª Caminhos do Cinema Português 2015.
2.º Lugar Sophia Estudante 2015 - Documentário.
Directed by
Maria João Rijo.

Poetry Happened tells the story of an artist stuck in the past , that even in old age continues to fantasize about the past and possible future of their works. 

Moreira Rijo has to take care of his wife, who is ill and with difficulty to move, in their apartment where nothing else fits in addition to the dozens of collections, papers, books and everything imaginable .

How does a person accustomed to freedom in its purest sense can now live their day-to- day? How is the day of this person with no one to talk about their works ? Between the maid visits, the son and granddaughter visits, Moreira Rijo remembers the past, the ambition and the return of his dreams, but what happens in the silence of the rest of the time?

This is a movie about people in a certain stage of life, that we will pass through, although it, sometimes it seems further away than it actually is.


2014, Path

An unmarried mother works in a clothing factory that she comes to by bus every day and looks after her son. Her parents lead a life without disappointments, entirely devoted to raising their grandson. By simply filming the daily life of this family living in a small town in Hungary, Diana Pacheco reveals the difficulty of leaving behind a path that already seems to be mapped out.   

Directed by:
Diana Lagutienko. 

2014, Beyond Marão


“Beyond Marão” films an abandoned land and a hanging menace over its remaining population.   

3rd Sophia Estudante 2016 - Documentary.
Indie Lisboa 2015.
Directed by:
José Manuel Fernandes.


2014, A Passagem

“A Passagem" (25") portrays a brief glimpse into the lives of Idalina (82) and Brazida (79), two Portuguese old shepherd women from Algarve, who live in the middle of nowhere. The film speaks volumes about their lives as well as the twilight of life itself. Two old sisters with their Stoic philosophy, tell the story of their hard works, way of living, as well as a tragedy of husband´s accidental death and more than that, tell the story of countless honorable poor people on every continent. There is an unique interaction and universal human relationship between a Bangladeshi filmmaker and two old Portuguese shepherd despite language and socio-cultural barrier. This film was produced as a “graduation film” for the Erasmus Mundus DocNomads master program in documentary film-directing.

Directed by:
Sohel Rahman. 


2014, A Dona da Ilha

"Everyone's life is a constant change in space and time: from adolescent to young adult, then to middle age etc. In order not to let our personality fall into pieces, we have to constantly integrate these changes." (Janos hay)

After  a busy life being a  a traveler, a filmmaker, a businesswoman- Mariapaola, a wealthy, elderly woman-, decides to retire to a small island in the South of Portugal.

She has everything. Still she is lonely.)

Directed by:
Asia Dér. 


2012, PDL - LIS

Best documentary Over and Out 2013 – Cinema Turim;  PrimeirOlhar dos XIV Encontros de Cinema de Viana 
PrimeirOlhar dos XIV Encontros de Cinema de Viana.
Directed by
Diogo Lima.

2012, Aldeia do Mito

XII Encontros de Viana, 28.º Festróia.
Prémio PrimeirOlhar Cineclubes, nos XII Encontros de Viana.
Directed by:
André Tadeu, Sandra Fernandes e Sara B. Mendes.

2012, A Máquina

A man tries to build a machine that is able to create an eternally renewable energy. A metaphor about the deepest meaning of life and the energy that moves us: the eternal quest for meaning.

DocLisboa 2013 – Verdes Anos; Over and Out 2013 – Cinema Turim;  Olhares Frontais dos XIV Encontros de Cinema de Viana; Festroia; Festival IN, 11.ª Mostra Internacional de Filmes de Escola de Cinema, Perso - Perugia Social Film Festival, Curtas em Flagrante 2015, NAFF 14.
Directed by
Mafalda Marques.

2006, Shadows of the past

DocLisboa 2006; 8th Panorama of Independent Film Makers of T.V.C. TH in Greece. 
Sony award for best first portuguese work.
Directed by
José Fernandes.