2014, Poetry Happened

“Poetry Happened” is a portrait of a couple, both artists, with philosophies and tastes that do not always collide. Behind closed wals, the couple come closer with the end of their lives, where the fixation with the past becomes more intense.  

Sophia 2015, 21.ª Caminhos do Cinema Português 2015.
2.º Lugar Sophia Estudante 2015 - Documentário.
Directed by
Maria João Rijo.

Poetry Happened tells the story of an artist stuck in the past , that even in old age continues to fantasize about the past and possible future of their works. 

Moreira Rijo has to take care of his wife, who is ill and with difficulty to move, in their apartment where nothing else fits in addition to the dozens of collections, papers, books and everything imaginable .

How does a person accustomed to freedom in its purest sense can now live their day-to- day? How is the day of this person with no one to talk about their works ? Between the maid visits, the son and granddaughter visits, Moreira Rijo remembers the past, the ambition and the return of his dreams, but what happens in the silence of the rest of the time?

This is a movie about people in a certain stage of life, that we will pass through, although it, sometimes it seems further away than it actually is.