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Universidade Lusófona assumes itself as the leading provider of film and media education in Portugal and an active participant in the ...

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  • BEASTS is the story of Lucas, a 13 year-old kid that swears vengeance to the man that abuses his mother in exchange for a miserable life.
  • When guilt grows in us, as a fierce wolf, crushing our feelings and telling us, “Don’t go that way”... Which way to go?
  • “Poetry Happened” is a portrait of a couple, both artists, with philosophies and tastes that do not always collide. Behind closed wals, the couple come closer with the end of their lives, where the fixation with the past becomes more intense.
  • Three characters are tied by a rope to a cube. Each attempt to free themselves make the cube reacts becoming larger and more menacing
  • Characters question the film creator’s originality
  • On an infinite desert, between the shortage of life, there lives a population, that in order to live another day has to abdicate one of their own
  • Advertising Photography
  • The film portrays the evolution of a rural area, and the consequences brought in the life of someone who has always lived there.
  • Fine Arts students paint mural of supermarket E.LeClerc
  • Trabalhos realizados no âmbito da Licenciatura em Produção Gráfica e Design
  • A man tries to build a machine that is able to create an eternally renewable energy. A metaphor about the deepest meaning of life and the energy that moves us: the eternal quest for meaning.
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