Arte Institute: Iniciativa RHI

From 13 to 19 September, Arte Institute launches RHI_Think (, a new and innovative initiative to strengthen and internationalize an original dialogue between artists and business representatives for a more sustainable environment for artists to interact and cooperate with creative industries.

We would like you to join the initiative and make your expertise not only available but profit from a unique and extraordinary environment where knowledge is spread and expertise promoted. The initiative strengthens a creative dialogue in Portugal between artists and business representatives from countries around the world. RHI initiative offers a worldwide network of artists, producers, cultural agents and promoters through talks, workshops and shows but also with an interactive platform to help further promote the goals of the project.

In Arte Institute’s eight years of existence, it is believed that through art and culture, an entire country can be promoted, an its economy, its tourism and companies abroad strengthened. Culture has the power to connect while reaching out to all areas of life and social exchanges.

Join the initiative and help us promote an original dialogue between art, culture and business. 

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instagram @rhi_think  

youtube @rhi_think 


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