André Szankowski

Sobre André Szankowski

Born in São Paulo- Brazil, April 30, 1979.

1993 – 1996 - France: Various works in contracting and carpentry. Assistant in a printing house ( RF Imprimerie), assistant in the restoration of old stained glass windows, delivery service, beginning of audiovisual activities with the registration of audio, video for lectures and cultural events in the housing area. Member of the“Club video de Changis” (Changis Video Club) that covered events in the region (Sports meetings, Regional News, Theater and Dance) . Filmed and edited a short interview on two concentration camp survivors, which was part of a national school contest on the theme of the “French Resistance”, being qualified in 2nd place.

1996 – 2008 – Portugal: Various works in contracting and carpentry. Flyer distributor. Registration of some marriages and baptisms. Reports for the “Câmara Municipal de Lisboa e Santarem” (Lisbon and Santarem Municipal House). Extracurricular works “making-off” of clips and advertising pieces.

Trainee and camera assistant at Planar (Film equipment Renting) as well as responsible for the maintenance.

2nd camera assistant (Clapper loader ) in many advertising in national and international projects (i.g. “Capitães de Abril” directed by Maria de Medeiros ( also 2nd Unit focus puller and camera operator) ,” Inferno” Joaquim Leitão. Focus puller on many comercials, clips and short length films.

Director of photography for the PAP (Prova de Aptidão Profissional da EPI - EPI Professional Capacity Test) Producer and Film director of the spot “ Safe sex “ with 18 values, and Director of Photography for the PAP “ A porta do Bosque “ by José de Castro

Director of photography in more than 60 clips (The Gift, Sara Tavares, José de Castro, Da Weasel, Paulo Gonzo, Lucia Moniz and many others).

Short films

  • “ O Jardim e a Dama“ by José de Castro” ( 1999)
  • “Quando Sol Toca na Lua” by Pedro Palma (2001)
  • “ Cronica Feminina “ by Gonçalo Luz (2002)
  • “ Uma Noite ao Acaso “ and “The End” by Victor Candeias (2005)(2006)
  • “Antes de Amanhã” and “Senhor X” by Gonçalo Galvão Teles (2007)(2010)
  • “Beija-me” and “Silencio de um Olhar” by Aurelio Vasques. (2007)(2008)
  • “Dia Triunfal” by Rita Nunes ( 2009)
  • “O Jogo” by Julio Alves (2009)
  • “Ensinamentos” by Ernesto Bacalhau (2010)
  • “Shadows” by Nuno Dias (2010)
  • “Mateus” (3D ) by Augusto Fraga ( 2011 )
  • “At Sea” by Ana Rocha (2013)

Feature Film Director of Photography

  • “Mistérios de Lisboa” ( Mysteries of Lisbon” ) directed by Raul Ruiz (2010) - Prod: Paulo Branco
  • “The LoveBirds” by Bruno de Almeida (2007)( Six short films cut into a feature) Prod: Bruno de Almeida-ARCO Films
  • “RPG-Real Playing Game” Directed by David Rebordão - Prod: Tino Navarro
  • “Lines of Wellington” Prepared by Raul Ruiz , directed by Valeria Sarmiento (2012) - Prod: Paulo Branco
  • “La Cage Dorée” Directed by Ruben Alves ( 2012) - Prod: Zazi Films/Pathé
  • “Cadences Obstinées” Directed By Fanny Ardant (2013) - Prod: Paulo Branco

Feature Film Director of Photography

  • ” Só Por Acaso” dir. By Rita Nunes (RTP ) (2003)
  • “ Debaixo da Cama “ dir. By Bruno Niel (2003)

Director of photography in more than 500 advertising spots with directors Algusto Fraga ,João Nuno Pinto, Diamantino Ferreira, Miguel Gaudencio ,José Pedro Sousa, Paulo Carboila, Gideon Nel , Rita Nunes, Alexandre Montenegro, Bruno Neil, Paulo Costa Pinto, Sérgio Henriques, Paulo Henriques , Bruno Pinhal, Salomão Figueiredo,Joana Areal and international ones filmed in Portugal or abroad with Justin Clarenbeck,Conkerco(Academy Films),Pat Holden, Basil Schelegel in France, Spain, Czech Republic, Moroccos,Ukraine, since 1998 (i.g. Vodafone, Optimus, Pt, Nike, Super Bock, MTV, Sapo, Amnesty International, APAV, Fundação de Cardiologia, Sagres, TMN, Mercedes, Smart, Daewoo,Toyota, Continente, Jumbo, Cable TV, Galp, Danone, Nestlé, Adagio,Ikea)

Winner of the award “Best Photography” for the video clip “Ok! Do you Want Something Simple” from the band The Gift at the TMN Video clip Awards in 1999.

Nominated for best photography and in the same contest the years after with the video clip “WaterSkin “ from The Gift.

Honor mention for the best photography and technical innovation for the advertising spots “ Vaqueiro Evolução “ in 2003 and Galp “Caravana” and Super Bock Green “Anjos” in 2004, by the Clube de Criativos de Portugal (Portugal Creative’s Club).

Member of AIP- Associação de Imagem Portuguesa (Portuguese Image Association) and AFC ( Association Française des directeurs de la photographie Cinématographique).

Founding partner of “Tao Studio” photographic and movie studio in Belem.

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