1.º Seminário virtual GEECT - 6 de outubro 2020


October 6th, 2020 – 10 a.m./6 p.m. CET

How Film Schools Coped During Pandemic


Who would have believed that we would be delivering our university education completely online and for the transition to have taken just a week to complete! Suddenly we are all experts at Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Blackboard Collaborate, pick a platform, any will do, liaising with staff and students like we have always been working this way. Of course, we have amazing teams, pulling out all of the stops to make this happen, but for a creative education there is a whole host of challenges to work through. How do you continue to teach location based film production, technical workshops or live theatrical group performances? There is no doubt that we have learnt so much in the last few days and the creative education pedagogy that will be shared will be rich.  Which is why we are hosting a 1 day seminar to discuss what we have learnt on the 6th of October.

Questions have arisen, like are there copyright/intellectual property right issues sharing material on platforms? Not all students have access to the high level professional software for games and animation courses or the broadband speeds to handle large files, how are we handling this?

Every course has a distinct personality. Our games students are perhaps more practiced at being in front of a computer all day working, but our drama students feed off the energy of a live environment, so balancing the cohorts needs both in terms of academic and pastoral has relied on out staff really understanding the make-up of their cohorts. What is going on in the world is overwhelming for us all, but even more so if you are an international student away from home and unable to get a flight back. How do we juggle both pastoral and educational deadlines?

And do we want to move completely back to the way things were just because we can? For some modules the online ‘flipped classroom’ approach works really well, for example Scriptwriting, so should we not be too hasty to revert back to the way things were just because we can?


Opening Session 10 am CET

Bruce Sheridan (CILECT President)

Manuel José Damásio (GEECT Chair)

Leif Holst Jensen (Kristiania University/host CILECT Congress 2021) 

The Challenges 11 am CET

Host: Manuel José Damásio

Film Education in a Pandemic - Positive outcomes for Total Filmmakers

UCA – University for the Creative Arts, UK

Challenges of teaching in a Pandemic alarm

ESCIVI - Escuela de Cine y Vídeo, Spain

The personal is political – the challenges of discussing the representation of “love” in fiction films in times of digital teaching

Zurich University of the Arts, Switzerland

Location Filming/Production 2 pm CET

Host: Lyndsay Duthie

Documentary Filmmaking in the Time of Lockdown

Civica Scuola di Cinema Luchino Visconti, Italy

Audiovisual Thinking for Corona-free Location Shooting

KASK - School of Arts of HoGent en Howest, Belgium

The Flipped Classroom 3 pm CET

Host: Eli BØ

Creative Exercises for students to collaborate better and break out of the corona video conferencing overkill

Zurich University of the Arts, Switzerland

The Flipped Classroom

HDK-VALAND Gothenburg University, Sweden

Opportunities / Success Stories 4 pm CET

Host: Guido Lukoschek

How to train film teachers to provide online learning?

Lusófona University, Portugal

International Projects – Triumphs

3iS Institut International de l’Image et du Son, France

Loving What You Have Vs. Having What You Love

Beit-Berl College, Israel & ECYTV, Colombia

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