Call for Papers Vol. 9 No. 2

Call for Papers IJFMA Vol. 9 No. 2 (2024)

STREET ART - a global language within communities

Guest Editors:

José Dias Lopes (Lusófona University)

Antónia Correia (lusófona University)

Street Art expresses the character and history of a community through symbols and artefacts (Blanchè, 2015). Street art is now assumed as a universal communication language, a tourism experience and a vehicle of communication between artists and the world (Dovey, Wollan, & Woodcock, 2012). Tourists are now seeking authenticity in the places they visit to be involved in the communities' ordinary and mundane aspects and spaces (Crespi-Vallbona & Mascarilla-Miró, 2021).

Street art is the first stage of tourists’ involvement with the community. The literature about street art and tourism is scarce. It has been very focused on geographical case studies (e.g. Barcelona (Crespi-Vallbona, & Mascarilla-Miró (2021) and Vallbona, & Miró (2021)), Malaysia (Abdullah, Hamid, Jali, & Salau (2019) and Foo, & Krishnapillai (2019)) or Lisbon (Sequeira (2015), Diógenes (2015) and Campos (2021)). Despite the importance of these signs of communication gained in the communities’ research. This field needs to be thorough to promote the appropriate use of street art as a global language in this small village that is the world.

This call for papers aims to challenge the research community to submit research on this subject within an innovative framework. Challenges suggested but not restricted rely on methods, empirical research and theoretical contributions:

- New methods to understand street art communication (semiotics, creative art theory, pictorial analysis, among others).

- Empirical: cross-country research, new geographies.

- Theoretical frames where art, tourism and social sciences could be used intermingled to create innovative frames for further research.

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