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  • Lisbon Global Law and Society Meeting 2022 - 15 e 16 de Julho

Lisbon Global Law and Society Meeting 2022 - 15 e 16 de Julho

LAC Film Program featured by LAC & sponsored by Universidade Lusófona programming by Patrícia André (LAC) in collaboration with Edmundo Cordeiro (DCAM/ECATI/ULHT)

The film program is divided into two thematic lines:

- one, on July 15th, related to the political, constitutional, and social history of Portugal, focusing on the 25th of April, the revolutionary period, and the post-revolution;

- another thematic line, on July 16th, related to the general theme of the conference (Rage, Reckoning, and Remedy) and connected to the questions of colonialism and empire, put into perspective through Portuguese cinematography.

The film sessions were designed in articulation with the LAC Panels to offer insightful contributions to the reflections and subjects tackled in the closing LAC sessions of each day of the film program.

In this way, the session Towards the 50th anniversary of the April 25th Revolution (on the 15th) and the sessions of the Tribute to António Manuel Hespanha (on the 16th) are thematically in line with the films scheduled afterward and we strongly encourage to combine them for a deeper and multilayered take on the matters discussed and portrayed.

The LAC Film Program was made possible thanks to Universidade Lusófona which not only decided to partner with the LAC on the scientific program and support one of the LAC Panels (through its legal research center CEAD Francisco Suárez) but also committed itself to the sponsorship and hosting of the film program.

Full program here.

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