12 Nov.´22, Saturday 14h

Moritz Neumüller

Coordination: Ângela Ferreira

Local: Lusófona University Fo:RCE, Aud. Q

The seminar is presencial and will happens at the Aud. Q, with live transmission. Register here.


As part of the Master in Photography of the Universidade Lusófona de Lisboa, the School of Communication, Architecture, Arts and Information & Technology (ECATI) hosts the Seminars, coordinated by Ângela Ferreira which aims to follow the students on their experimentation and doing paths, supported by transdisciplinary and hybrid practices.

Next Saturday, November 12, we will welcome the curator and educator Moritz Neumüller to share his research and his ways of relating with Photography.

AGAINST FLATNESS:: Photography, Materiality and Dimension

Even before the digital turn, photography was often related to as a purely visual, and a characteristically flat medium. The virtualization of the image has done the rest to strip photography of its material basis, converting it into a medium that mainly exists on screens and seems to be universally understood.

In this talk, the space within and around photography will be rediscovered by pointing at its materiality, its haptic surface and its stretching out into the third dimension, be it as a photographic print, a photosculpture, a piece of photojewellery, or in the form of a photobook.

These multisensorial and spatial aspects of photography still define it as medium, just as much as the “decisive moment” or that “what has been”. As we are leaving the photographic universe, and embrace synthetic imagery created by artificial intelligence, we might still have a last close look at photography. Images are hard-to-grasp, complex entities that request much more attention, much more time than that short moment before we swipe them away into oblivion.

Moritz Neumüller, Ph.D. (b. Linz, Austria, 1972) is a curator, educator and writer in the field of Photography and New Media. He has worked in research and management positions for international institutions such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York, La Fábrica in Madrid and PhotoIreland, in Dublin. He is currently chief curator of the Photobookweek Aarhus, Denmark. Since 2010, he runs The Curator Ship, a platform that provides useful information for visual artists. At the same time, he started the project ArteConTacto, to improve the access to arts and culture. From 2016-19, Neumüller was the Communication Manager of the award-winning EU-project ARCHES.


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